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Asterisk & VoIP Services

VoIP and Asterisk Consulting: We’re not just about Asterisk, we’ve successfully implemented, deployed and maintained other solutions like Sipfoundry’s sipXecs, ReSIProcate Proxy and others.


Asterisk is not just downloading and burning an ISO, installing it to a desktop computer and expecting that everything just works.


Have you ever wondered what do all of those options under FreePBX mean and when you call who installed it and the answer is “Don’t mind that option, you don’t use it anyway”. If it’s there it’s for some reason, isn’t it?


These as every IT solution requires planning, designing and testing, we here at DGHVoIP not just install and run, we take your hand and guide you through the process, we want you to feel that you’re part of the solution and that it accommodates toy your needs.


Contact us now with your questions, we’ll be more than happy to assist you, remember there are no bad questions.

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