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Server Deployment Management & Administration

Server and Service deployments: Some prefer their services hosted, some others rather embrace the idea of getting their feet wet and try to deploy some fitted solution to accommodate for the functions they’d like to see on their email server, web server, storage area network or the such.


DGHVoIP 15 years deep inside Linux culture and experience are there at your service. We’ve deployed many small to large scale implementations all based on Open Source Software and solutions and we want to make that knowledge and experience of use to make your business grow at low rates but high levels of scalability, reliability and customization.


Be it Red Hat, CentOS, Debian, SuSE, Ubuntu, Slackware, even Solaris, if you want to deploy your own Web Server to make that web site shine, Email so you have com,plete control over traffic, spam, privacy ad all aspect of your solution, you want Active Directory but a license will break the bank, let’s talk about SAMBA.


At DGHVoIP we’re Linux enthusiast and supporters, bring your ideas, concerns and doubts so we can discuss them together and try to figure out the solution that most suits you.

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