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OpenVPN Deployments

Remote Access and VPN: Internet is a fast-paced growing thing and as the user-base grows, so do the dangers and risks involved in point-to-point, client to server remote communications; so you and your clients need your infrastructure to be secure and reliable but being cost-effective.


DGHVoIP offers a variety of VPN and remote access solutions for your business, we’ve specialized in OpenVPN as our standard remote access solutions for clients because of its reliability, security implementations, and wide variety of clients for different OSes, altghough we dobn’t leave PPtP, L2TP and IPSEC pout of the picture.


RADIUS, LDAP, PAM, MySQL database authentication, accounting and authorization for your business road-warriors or visitors is also one of our leading products using all open source software our VPNs are state of the art and cost effective.


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